Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We are- Solar Champions!

After the relentless pursuit of funding and the dedication to wake up early on a Saturday morning, The Sustainable Architecture Collective earned the title of Solar Champions this past November 10th at Grid Alternative’s 3rd Annual Solarthon Event.

[If you've missed what we've been doing you should check out our previous post here.]

Pft...And they were talking about rain warnings...
The day was bright; rain is not the meteorological condition you want to find yourself in when you are working on the roof so we were off to a good start. I scooped up fellow club members Ian and Isai from LATTC and we raced over to the build site in South LA. John arrived practically at the same time so we were all ready to get solarized! There was time to meet fellow solar champions and scope out the solar companies that had a presence at the event. After a coffee refill and not-so-soft but much needed bagel, the open ceremonies for the day kicked off.
Our scrappy heroes... on a roof!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Last Meeting. 11.06.2012: Introducing The Sustainability Collective

There is always a difference to be made. 

So I have been postponing this post until I had some better news, but considering we didn't really have a meeting this past Tuesday, I don't think that time of ease will be coming any time soon.  So what's new?

We have lost our charter, we are canceling our big event, and We can no longer affliate ourselves with the LATTC Campus.

We may be wounded, but we're not down for the count.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

OLM 10.30: Building an event

When we last left our heros...

Last Friday the submission for our club charter was approved! So our obvious next step is to get ourselves known around campus, as well as raise a little money to get some of our ideas off the ground.  As you may have known from my two posts; Seed Bombs; Winning the War on Concrete , and Painting the Town Green ; I am interested in the artistic value of the Guerilla Gardener.  Luckily so is my club!  So these two, plus Hildemar's plan of hosting a composting workshop, were our main points of discussion.

It was difficult to decide on the right day, considering all of the upcoming holidays.  We want to hold it on the LATTC campus, so during the school week was a must.  Not only that, we had to plan the right timeframe  as to best capture the best audience. We are aiming for November 19th, from 9 am to 2 pm.  As of now we don't have a name for this shindig quite yet but whenever we decide it you'll know!

[ *due to technical difficulties, this event was cancelled.]