Thursday, November 1, 2012

OLM 10.30: Building an event

When we last left our heros...

Last Friday the submission for our club charter was approved! So our obvious next step is to get ourselves known around campus, as well as raise a little money to get some of our ideas off the ground.  As you may have known from my two posts; Seed Bombs; Winning the War on Concrete , and Painting the Town Green ; I am interested in the artistic value of the Guerilla Gardener.  Luckily so is my club!  So these two, plus Hildemar's plan of hosting a composting workshop, were our main points of discussion.

It was difficult to decide on the right day, considering all of the upcoming holidays.  We want to hold it on the LATTC campus, so during the school week was a must.  Not only that, we had to plan the right timeframe  as to best capture the best audience. We are aiming for November 19th, from 9 am to 2 pm.  As of now we don't have a name for this shindig quite yet but whenever we decide it you'll know!

[ *due to technical difficulties, this event was cancelled.]

As I just mentioned, the event will be focused around three main concepts, with an emphasis on introducing ourselves to the campus.  The idea is several booths arranged around one of the gathering points, each with a club member standing by to educate.  

Home Base
This booth will have information about our program, our club, and how to join or participate.  This will also be the place where you can make a donation to our club, and get a ticket for some of our products shown at the other booths. And in truth, this one will be the most "booth" like, the rest will feel more as installations.

Moss Painting
Here we will build a wall, either prior to the show, or in keeping with the live art, during the event.  Then our artist, (redacted for now) will begin using our blend of moss paint to create a beautiful image that is representative of our club values.  The installation will then be moved to a part of the campus that will best grow the art over the next few weeks.  Also available, would be containers of our Moss Paint solution for a small donation.

Composting Workshop
Our club secretary, Hildemar Cruz proposed hosting a free workshop on creating compost, and compost containers out of reclaimed, recycled and common household items.  We are thinking about having some small scale examples, or prefabricated quick-build models for sale.  This can allow those attending to take their new knowledge home, and put it to work right away; ultimately increasing their success rate.

Seed Bomb Showcase
This is a project we have been really excited about, and have generated interest among our peers. Our goal is to have many different types of seeds, types of fertilizer, and delivery methods- all for sale to support our club.  This is going to be the most ambitious project of the event, as it will take the most funds and labor to put it together.  Most of our materials can be reclaimed, but to get the best outcome for our designs , i.e., specific seeds en mass, and desired effect, we need to spend some money.  I can't give you too many details about the styles yet, but I can tell you we are working on the first (or at least first that i've seen) frisbee delivery method.

That's all folks!
As passionate as we are, we don't want to get it in over our heads. Which is why we can only offer these three ideas for this event. Our number one goal, is to raise awareness for our club and for sustainable design.  Next would be to raise funds to go towards our next big project, and lastly we would love to increase our numbers.  Since our club's focus is sustainability on the whole, coupled with the all-inclusiveness of architecture- we could use members of all types.  In addition, we will have a mailing list available, for those who don't have the time to join, but are interested so they could keep up with our happenings!  Of course you could always follow this blog you know!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention!
We as a club are going to be taking pictures and curating articles. So you can look forward to our hashtagging weekends with:


In which our Club President will upload a picture from around Los Angeles, and if you can correctly guess where the photo  was taken there are prizes to be had!

We love the sun, and there's so much to say about it. We are going to use this day to pay tribute to that life giving energy source.


As our namesake says, we're all about Sustainability. We are going to take sunday to bring you the things that make us happy about the future.

This post was created by Ian Salamanca, 
member and Webmaster for the Sustainability Club of 
Los Angeles Trade and Technical College.

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