Friday, May 24, 2013

Curated Friday: BIM infographics

There seems to be a lack of information, or at least a lack of awareness about BIM. As we mentioned before, there are Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers, and Building Owners who simply feel that this process has little-to-no monetary value. So we wanted to leave you with some facts and figures that hopefully will inspire you to make the investment in this process.  With greater understanding we can make a smarter built environment, which ultimately is a more sustainable one!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Augmented Reality (AR) could Revolutionize BIM

-It's no surprise that knowledge is power; when the knowledge is organized through BIM standards, the power is limitless.

A long time ago we created buildings by telling stories, when that became outdated we began to log the dimensions.  Eventually Othrographics filled out the visuals, yet that too was eventually superseded by CAD.  As we discussed earlier this week, BIM is slowly but surely making it's move on CAD.  So what is the future of BIM? Well given the innovation of the digital age, the safe bet would be in Augmented Reality.

The Route to BIM in 10 Steps

-It's a big step, to overhaul your workflow to adopt a new system- but it's not impossible.

If you checked out our post on Monday, then you have already seen some of the benefits of Building Information Modeling, as well as some of the barriers holding the AEC industry back from fully embracing it.   Today I'd like to share with you an article from outlining the 10 steps for a successful BIM integration.

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Later today: Augmented reality 
Friday's Curation: BIM Infographics

Monday, May 20, 2013

Building Information Modeling: Collaboration in Design


Building Information Modeling

The construction and architectural industry has been in great crisis in the past two decades. This was mostly due to lack of communication between the inter-disciplines that share knowledge on the lifecycle of a building. This resulted in most complex and large projects to be over budget, a failure to meet planned dead-lines and design inconsistencies.

However, BIM and GIS are revolutionizing the design and building industry in a myriad of ways through its design software platform that offers solutions to planning, designing, construction, and management of data throughout the building’s lifecycle.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's time for a break

This week, the Sustainability Club took the time to revisit our policies and procedures to better suit our members' needs and concerns. Part of what that contains is looking at this blog and it's structure. So this week we will not be bringing you any new content, nor will we be leaving our presence on our social media.   We hope to use this time to organize our ranks, delegate our duties and make a more streamlined organization.  We apologize for the derailment and hope to come back to you renewed and rejuvenated.

Have a great week!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Living walls curation

Good evening!
We regret to announce that due to technical complications we are unable to bring you the regularly scheduled style curation.
Instead I invite you to check out Flipboard as they have just unrolled their 2.0 version in which users can create their own magazines.  I've been playing arIound with it and love the ease and aesthetic. It is a wonderful article aggregater, and may become a useful tool.
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bottle Tower Gardens: Project Case Study

By Ian Salamanca

As I mentioned earlier today, Urban Agriculture is an important topic i'm glad I have the ability to discuss. One key factor of most major cities is a lack of space.  Often time people barely have enough space for themselves, much less the ability to plant in either soil or roof.  This leaves us with only one way to go; UP!

A case for Urban Agriculture

Overpopulation, malnutrition, poverty; these are not just worldwide problems, but ones we face at home in the United States, and even in a metropolis such as Los Angeles. Though often exacerbated by the last one, population control and hunger are two social problems that are within our means to solve.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Green Walls: An Overview

By Ian Salamanca
This week i'm going to talk about a concept both myself, and the Sustainability Club of LATTC are fascinated by; Green Facades, Living Walls, and Vertical Gardens. We'll look at what those mean and how they differ, some substantial benefits of including them in your design, and some DIY methods in multiple scales.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet our President: Isai German

Club President:
Isai German

Educational background

I've had my run at a few community colleges, and took my crack at art school, but my passion was in Architecture; and my heart with my community.  This school of thought is greatly emphasized at Los Angeles Trade Tech.  This is where I have attained the most growth in my adult life.

Favorite Architect or Designer and why?

Sam Mockbee had the ability to take novel materials and interject an architecture vocabulary that caters to the rural backdrop of Alabama.   His involvement with under-served communities connects academia and the built environment.  His design studio correlates with Auburn Universities Architecture program and introduces students to finite sources and vests in socially engaged projects.  This opportunity would give students a tangible understanding of the practical applications verses theoretical process.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Curious Curation: Innovation Inspired by Nature

Innovation Inspired by Nature

 What does this mean exactly? Probably and most likely it would mean the process of studying and imitating natures best ideas to solve human problems. Biomimicry is the name given to this wonderfully innovative idea. The truth is, Nature has already solved many of the problems we deal with today as a human race. By “nature” meaning everything from plants to animals and even to the smallest specs of life. 
"We are learning how to harness energy like a leaf, build ceramics like an abalone, create color like a peacock, compute like a cell, run a business like a hickory forest..." -Janine Benyus

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Modern Day Evolution: Atlantic Tomcod

So I wanted to give you a small post today but my planned post fell through. So i'm pulling this bit from the past, as I don't have the time to create at the moment, (even something so small) but will be updating a little later today as well!  As i'll explain later, i'm hoping to develop a bit better blogging system. So please enjoy this snippet about The Persistance of Life.