Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Something Sustainable this way comes

Yes, we are once again going to tip on the hard hat and buckle down this blog and give it the fine tuning it deserves.  Trimming the fat, alternating the fonts, a new color scheme and a (hopefully) better mobile version- oh and a redux twitter.

I'm doing this now, to make way for a new assistant Editor, and a couple contributors.  The idea being that we could start producing more content by having options.  There will be a competition for who gets the spot, so stay tuned to meet the deary eyed hopefuls!

Besides that we have been competing left and right, as well as teaching and learning; but I'll leave that post to the side until the dust chips settle.

Thanks for bearing with us.

Update: This blog can now be found at http://www.sustainableARC.blogspot.com
Update: Follow us @SustainableARC
Drop us a text, or call to: (612) 787-2721 or (612) Sus-Arc1
and for our G+ page please subscribe to: gplus.to/sustainableARCclub

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