Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Last Meeting (OLM) 10.23 : Solarthon 2012!

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Since I'm the webmaster for the Sustainability Club i'm in charge of keeping our web presence up to date.  What I feel would be a good way of doing that, is with this new segment; Our Last Meeting or OLM for short.  The posts will be equipped with both tags for ease of searching.  Our clubs are weekly, Tuesdays at 12:30 in the Architecture lab D330 at LATTC campus.  I will do my best to get these posts out the day of, but as you can see here, I may be a little late at times.  In this I will bring to you some of the points of discussion that arose, the pictures we captured, and the progress we've made.  I don't have any particular format yet so bear with me!

OLM: 10.23.2012 
Myshel Prasad, Delevelopment Officer for Grid Alternatives
About a week ago, our Treasurer John Snelling, reached out to this company that he had previously worked with, and invited them to come speak to our club.  Grid Alternatives, whose main dedication is bringing Solar Electric Energy Panels to single family, low-income housing.  Working year-round, they have already installed panels for +2,500 homes, which in turn saves the families over $62 Million during it's lifetime, which ultimately prevents over 214,000 Tons of Green House Gasses from being produced.  With over 11,000 people trained, Grid Alternatives provides a means of developing the market by producing experienced workers to the void.

What they presented to us, was their annual fundraising event; Solarthon 2012 in which we will be providing 10 families with this technology in a single day! Although the families will be receiving this gift at no cost to them, it does take quite a bit to put this event together. A few members of The Sustainability Club are going to be participating; each person is responsible for raising their own funds, and with six people we hope to raise over one thousand dollars! Each member has their own page, as each person is responsible for raising at least $250.00 before November 10th

We need all the help we can find, so if you'd like to contribute you can donate below, or at our club page here: 
Great actions, have humble beginnings; so please spare whatever you can, a single dollar puts those families that much closer to sustainability. 

Written by Ian Salamanca, a member and Webmaster for the Sustainability Club of LATTC.

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