Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An introduction of our club

"Good fences make good neighbors."
-Robert Frost Mending Wall

Living in Los Angeles, it is difficult to let the hardships of the city go unnoticed.  From decaying buildings to dislocated citizens; from the heat islands of the parking structures, to the vast seas of abandoned lots; adversity is all around us. Although, when it comes to green building, this bustling metropolis is proud to hold some of the most forward thinking schools of thought.  It seems that our fences are high, yet not properly maintained.  Many areas of the city could use a good neighbor, to roll up their sleeves, and help them mend their walls.

Which is why the Sustainable Architecture Club of Trade and Tech is ready, willing and able, to make a difference.

By our very nature, we are trained to look at the technical aspect, and delegate accordingly.

Los Angeles Trade and Technical College has a long history of providing affordable and applicable education.  By employing our diverse skills and backgrounds in fields such as welding, carpentry, engineering and more; our students are able to resolve complex problems by analyzing the multiple layers of a project.. Since we work so closely with students of multiple trades, we have the ability to put many of our theories into practice, giving us a leg up on students who work purely in hypotheticals.

Our Architectural program is based on forward thinking, the green movement, and most importantly; Sustainability.

Built around the idea of: What we learn in class should be applicable in our work, The Architecture Department strives to bring real world projects to our classroom. The Green Sandbox is a kit-of-parts style house that has been touched and refined by several generations of Arc Students. Our goal for this is to create an easily customizable, yet consistently sustainable building. In addition to this project, our department has been called to design many facets of our own campus. One of considerable mention is the re-landscaping of the Magnolia Hall courtyard.  Equipped with basic knowledge of geometry, a chart of plants and their qualities; the final plans were drawn from one of our student's personal design and lead to the groundbreaking shortly there-after. It is important to feel pride about our work, and by seeking real-world projects, our program gives us that ability.

As a student organization, we aim to utilize our education to implement sustainable solutions throughout our community.
We feel that it is crucial to integrate new ideas into our community.  By acting as public servants we define the world we live in.  By making new ideas more accessible, eases them to be easily digested.  An education from LATTC creates ambassadors rather than interns.  Which in turn make us morally responsible to our community, a repayment only made through acts of service.  The club hopes to create a launching pad for those representatives to make a positive change.  Our members are constantly scouring the web for cool and relevant projects to work on; lectures to attend, and workshops we can create and host; all with the intention of educating our community in the importance of sustainability.

As future leaders in design, we assert the best way to implement change is to educate the public on the importance of sustainable building.

It is widely believed that the best way to provide relief is to GIVE something.  The Sustainability club at LATTC has adopted the principle that it is significantly enduring to TEACH something rather than finding an immdeiate insufficient fit to an issue. This is why we are going to work hard to raise awareness and promote healthy design.  Our goal is to enable the growth that comes from making education accessible. To define sustainable alternatives, and put them into practice.  To create and maintain a healthy ecosystem.  We feel that working with our community we can uniformally raise the quality of living.

“Before I built a wall I'd ask to know
What I was walling in or walling out”
-Robert Frost Mending Wall

It is important to understand all aspects of your environment.  Sustainability is cohesive with adaptability and compatibility. If we create something that has no ability to adapt to the advances of technology, it ceases to be relevant and of any use.  If it doesn't work with it's surroundings, than the isolationism of it makes it incompatible.  Our approach is to understand the bigger picture.  As the Sustainable Architecture Club of Trade and Tech we have the ability and the opportunity to see that larger ecosystem at work, and therefore have the power to implement positive changes.

By combining the diversity of our students, the innovative designs they create, a community outreach campaign and sustainability awareness; we create a comprehensive legacy for a healthier city, for all.

It's great to meet you!
It is my pleasure to introduce our club to you, if you have any questions, comments, concerns or ideas that you'd like to contribute, we would be honored if you dropped us a line at: (213) 538-2728
or email us at: Sus.arc.lattc@gmail.com

Let's work together to build a better tomorrow!

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