Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meet our Members: Hildemar Cruz

Meet our Members 
an informal series of questions 

Name: Hildemar Cruz

Education Background: I graduated from Florida International University with two Bachelor’s degrees; Philosophy and Women’s Studies.  I was eager to express the nature of my reality through an aesthetic medium so I went back to school to study video production.  Four years of working in television was enough to send me across the country to the desert to shed some scales. I was determined to work in a field that genuinely serves the community in a positive way. While serving a year through AmeriCorps at Habitat for Humanity, I discovered my love of structures and building.  Next thing I know I’m registered for architecture classes…
 Your Favorite Architect or Designer and why? The Venus Project
For the time being, my favorite Architect/Designer is not a single person but an organization; The Venus Project.  The Venus Project was created in 1975 by self-educated structural engineer, industrial designer, and futurist Jacque Fresco and technical/architectural illustrator and model-maker Roxanne Meadows. Driven by the aim to restructure society through the implications of theoretical design the project aims to bring awareness of the current outdated and ill structured economic model. The projects aims to reform our anomalous economy into a resource based economy. “This economy promises an abundance of all resources necessary to human survival and the progressive replacement of human labor with automated technology. This would change the environmental conditions that are responsible for spawning aberrant human behavior such as violence, corruption, greed and exploitation.”

What is your Favorite Building Material?

Never fear when wood shims are near.  Although it is always best to have exact measurements and cuts, there is always a chance that something is not leveled and a slight shift can make a constructed project look wanky.  My favorite quick fix are shims-wood or any other material. 

Oh, but I do love creative alternative building materials like this TED talk video of Eben Bayer.
What are your 3 favorite websites to learn something new? (or at least the one's right now)

    However, I get a lot of information from Podcasts. Below are links to some of my favorites:

    99% invisible


    Stuff you should know while you are there check out other podcast and information from the How Stuff Works site.

    What do you want to do for the World?
    Make sustainable practices/education/information accessible to deserving communities that are in the greatest need of infrastructure and enable them to escape poverty.  Create an avenue to encourage implementation and experimentation of renewable/sustainable practices. I intend to start a community center/school/space in an underdeveloped area and create workshops to empower these communities and help them establish their independence through sustainable practices.

    "No one lives his life.
    Disguised since childhood,
haphazardly assembled
    from voices and fears and little pleasures,

    We come of age as masks.

    Our true face never speaks.
    Somewhere there must be storehouses

    where all these lives are laid away
    like suits of armor or old carriages
    or clothes hanging limply on the walls.

    Maybe all paths lead there,

    to the repository of unlived things." 

    (Rainer Maria Rilke)

    Hildemar Cruz is a member and Secretary of the LATTC Sustainability Club.

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