Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Augmented Reality (AR) could Revolutionize BIM

-It's no surprise that knowledge is power; when the knowledge is organized through BIM standards, the power is limitless.

A long time ago we created buildings by telling stories, when that became outdated we began to log the dimensions.  Eventually Othrographics filled out the visuals, yet that too was eventually superseded by CAD.  As we discussed earlier this week, BIM is slowly but surely making it's move on CAD.  So what is the future of BIM? Well given the innovation of the digital age, the safe bet would be in Augmented Reality.

[Feburary], Rana Abboud was awarded a $10,000 scholarship by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) to investigate and prepare a white paper on how augmented reality (AR) – the overlaying of a view of a physical real-world environment with computer generated sensory input which allows, for instance, computer generated images of a structure to be superimposed into a real life local view of a property before the physical building is constructed there – will reshape processes such as design visualization, construction and post completion building maintenance.

 What about Google Glass?

As some of you may know Google's ambition Augmented Reality, Project Glass has been a coveted item for game changers and innovators the world over.  It's no surprise the Construction industry wants to jump on board. The advantages range from the obvious- photos, Geo tags, real time video conferencing etc.  to the exciting- Digtal overlays, "x-ray" vision, real time modeling etc. To the obscure but useful-accurate job site reporting, workplace accident records, and the ability to hand to clients for them to see for themselves.

As of now, Google Glass is only available to selected developers, so we will have to wait before we can see widespread implementation.  So I put out this plea to any member of the AEC industry that has acquired a pair, please look into bringing this prediction to reality.  If not to prove this true, than to take advantage of the tools before us, to utilize our knowledge and build a more sustainable world.

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