Friday, May 24, 2013

Curated Friday: BIM infographics

There seems to be a lack of information, or at least a lack of awareness about BIM. As we mentioned before, there are Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers, and Building Owners who simply feel that this process has little-to-no monetary value. So we wanted to leave you with some facts and figures that hopefully will inspire you to make the investment in this process.  With greater understanding we can make a smarter built environment, which ultimately is a more sustainable one!

What is BIM?

This is a brief flowchart indicating how BIM is implemented in the product market.   An area that could help drive BIM usage in the firms purchasing these products.

To view full image please download from link provided above.

BIM Survey 2012

A comparison of the usage and awareness of BIM over the past few years. Using beautifully clean graphs it really exemplifies the need for information among the AEC industry. 

BIM: Breaking down the barriers

A visually appealing vertical infographic that touches on: The definition, Three year growth, Benefits, Challenges, and Five useful Tips. This doesn't cover everything, but it is a solid overview to anyone new to the concept.

Prevent your extinction

A fun, dinosaur based graphic that makes a wonderful case for adopting BIM by addressing some major concerns that prevent many from moving forward. Presented by Autodesk.

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Written and Curated by:
Ian Salamanca

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