Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A case for Urban Agriculture

Overpopulation, malnutrition, poverty; these are not just worldwide problems, but ones we face at home in the United States, and even in a metropolis such as Los Angeles. Though often exacerbated by the last one, population control and hunger are two social problems that are within our means to solve.

In urban low-income areas, high quality produce are either hard to come by or too costly.  A good portion of that cost comes from the footprint required to grow (en mass), harvest (en mass) ship, and stock.  By the time the consumer has the chance to consider the produce, it's price as already risen to compensate the journey. Highway robbery isn't the right statement, but it's also not too far off.

I feel the community deserves better, especially when they already have the means to grow for themselves.  A business incorporating this would certainly do well for themselves, but think of how much those people could save with their own personal access to agriculture.

Post written by Ian Salamanca

TED Discussion by Roman Gaus, CEO of UrbanFarmers (Click HERE if the video doesn't load)
Check out this Q&A from Blog.Ted for more.

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